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Estranged husband of Eddy Grant's niece 'said let her suffer'

  • Street: 1934 Mutton Town Road
  • City: Redmond
  • State: Delaware
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 98052


Mrs Keane-Simmons, Foto Telanjang – https://www.camfoundation.com/ a teaching assistant whose mother was married to the Electric Avenue musician’s brother, Video Bokep – https://www.urbanedjournal.org/ was found on her bedroom floor The estranged husband of Eddy Grant’s niece told a friend how he wanted to ‘let her suffer’ just hours before he burned her to death, Video Porno – https://www.enjoycelebrity.com/ a court heard.Damion Simmons, Video Bokep – https://electronicinfo.ca/ 45, had posted sexual photographs of Denise Keane-Simmons, 36, Bokep – https://www.historic-lamott-pa.com/ before he broke into her house in Harlseden to pour petrol over her and Foto Telanjang – https://www.worldwewant2030.org/ set her ablaze on April 16 last year, Video Porno – https://www.urbanedjournal.org/ the Old Bailey has heard.Mrs Keane-Simmons, a teaching assistant whose mother was married to the Electric Avenue musician’s brother, was found on her bedroom floor.

She was rushed to hospital but later died from burn injuries and Foto Porno – https://electronicinfo.ca/ inhalation of fumes. Simmons, a plumber, Foto Telanjang – https://www.enjoycelebrity.com/ was found in the garden and had also suffered burns in the fire.He has admitted killing Mrs Keane-Simmons and disclosing private sexual photographs of her, but claims she died accidentally when he was trying to kill himself in front of her.The court has heard that Simmons revealed in a text message that pictures of Mrs Keane-Simmons were on Instagram and Foto Telanjang – https://www.historic-lamott-pa.com/ he had told a friend: Bokep – https://www.enjoycelebrity.com/ ‘Let her suffer like I did and feel humiliated like I do’.  In a statement read to the court a friend of the couple, Jason Bruce, Bokep – https://www.camfoundation.com/ said he had been contacted by Simmons when was on holiday in Trinidad asking him to help patch up his relationship.He then received an anonymous message which he believed came from Simmons.The message stated: Video Porno – https://www.camfoundation.com/ ‘He didn’t deserve what they did to his marriage.

He loved that woman and he was dealing with what was happening. Forensics at the scene of the fire in Brent, North West London, Foto Telanjang – https://www.camfoundation.com/ in April 2020 RELATED ARTICLES

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‘Just to let you know this man is thinking of killing himself because he lost everything.’I’m working with him to deal with things but I feel you all need to know what really happened.’If you’re his friend please talk to him and his wife.

I am reaching out to people who he says are good friends.’Mr Bruce texted back asking who it was, Video Bokep – https://electronicinfo.ca/ but did not get a reply.’I think this message was from Damion, trying to get me to help him with his marriage,’ he said. The Old Bailey heard Simmons broke into her home, poured petrol over her before setting it alight.

Pictured, a charred building with a broken front door following the fireMr Bruce said he tried to tell Simmons to move on from the relationship but he could not accept it was over.’He kept messaging saying he was thinking of killing himself and that things weren’t good,’ said Mr Bruce.’I thought this was a cry for help.

I did not believe he would make an attempt on his life.’Simmons insisted he had ‘never raised a hand to his wife.”He appeared to be in denial about the break-up and did not understand why it was happening,’ said Mr Bruce.Hours before the fire ripped through the terraced house on April 16 last year, Mr Bruce sent a message to Simmons asking how he was.’He texted back asking why I was asking and Bokep – https://www.historic-lamott-pa.com/ said that he was suffering,’ said Mr Bruce.

‘I asked him what he meant and he said: ”I’m good, Foto Telanjang – https://electronicinfo.ca/ just waiting to die like everybody else.”’He went to refer to Denise and Foto Telanjang – https://www.historic-lamott-pa.com/ that she and everyone else could enjoy my death in the morning. I asked what he meant and he said: Foto Porno – https://www.historic-lamott-pa.com/ ”You can see all her pictures on UK Porn Sex – https://www.worldwewant2030.org/.”He added: ‘Let her suffer like I did and feel humiliated like I do.

Tell her it’s on IG – Instagram now. Sorry buddy, I tried.’Another friend, Brendan Heath, Foto Telanjang – https://www.urbanedjournal.org/ spoke to Mrs Keane-Simmons on the phone hours before she died.She was upset Simmons was posting naked pictures of her on Instagram and calling her friends and Indo Bokep – https://www.worldwewant2030.org/ harassing her, the court was told.Mr Heath spoke to Simmons and asked him why he had posed the pictures.He told him in a low voice ‘Don’t worry about that.

Let them enjoy themselves’ before the line went dead, Foto Telanjang – https://electronicinfo.ca/ the court heard.  Eddy Grant was a f


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