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How to Make Highlights

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These are a few tools you will need to apply highlights:
* Cape:A cape is crucial to stop bleach from ruining your clothes.
Bowl & Tint Brush:Mix your lightener and developer in a bowl using a tint brush
* Pre-cutting Foils: Pre-cutting foils can help reduce the time required to highlight your hair. A highlighting board is recommended since it provides leverage when applying product to hair. It makes it easier to highlight hair with long lengths. Fold the foil about 1 inch from the edge. Apply the product to hair by placing the sliced or weaved section right on top of the foil. Do not apply too much product on the root. This could cause bleeding that is not pretty and may require fixing.
* Lightener and Developer: Pick a lightener that is suitable for your hair , along with the appropriate developer
*Rat Tail CombRat tail combs can be used to section the hair when you want to highlight. The two most common methods to highlight hair are slices or a weave. For a natural look, try weaving. It is possible to weave by cutting a small portion of hair. Then, lift the hair upwards and weave into and around the tail comb, then releasing the hair that isn’t needed. Slicing is the process of using the rat tail comb to cut off a small piece of hair and highlight the entire section. This gives you an even more dramatic appearance. If you want a more dense or more chunky look I suggest cutting two sections back-to back in foils. Instead of leaving hair exposed between foils cut one section, and then slice the second. Keep in mind that the more back to back slices, 激光脫毛 – https://www.evrbeauty.com/ the chunkier the outcome. Don’t try to highlight a thick section of hair, believe me, it’s nothing more than a headache.
* Water Bottle If you make a mistake using lightener on hair that’s meant to be highlighted, a water bottle can be used. Water slows down the process and weakens the process of lightening. After the foils have been applied I would be sure to lift the foils to ensure no lightener is escaping. If lightener has started to leak out, you can soak the foils with water and wipe them clean with towels. If you notice that the initial foils you started application at are finished before the foils on the back, remove the foils and squirt the foils with water. Don’t soak them, just mist them. This will slow down the process and stop any over-highlighting or damage.
* Clips:Clips can help you keep your hair in order by keeping hair away from the way when weaving or cutting.
I suggest using conditioner if you are an amateur at highlighting. Highlighting isn’t an easy task and you could end up messing the hair of someone else if it’s not done correctly. Take a few minutes and really study where you would like the foils to be placed. It’s better than regretting.
* Use a high-quality clarifying shampoo and conditioner few days prior to the highlight. This will take away any products for hair care that might be applied to your hair and allow it to absorb the highlight more effectively.
* Avoid washing your hair for a couple of days prior to the process of highlighting. A tiny amount of oil from nature can help protect your hair from any damage caused by chemicals.
Before you highlight, make sure to brush your hair cleanly. Tangles can make it difficult to apply highlights and may impact the final results.
* It’s also a good idea to do testing with a thin piece of hair along with a tiny amount of the mixture for highlighting. It is best to wait until the results are visible. If everything is fine and you are happy with the color, 激光脫毛 – https://www.evrbeauty.com/ you are able to move on to the highlighting process.
For final consideration, here are a few tips:
* Start at the rear of your head.
* Do not place hair between foils.
* Don’t over emphasize the hair.
* To accelerate the process you can heat the foils using a hair dryer.
* Keep your hair in foils to avoid chemical damage. Set a timer to check every 3 to 5 minutes.
Highlights with a Cap
* Put the cap over your head, then pull it down tightly.
* Using the hook, poke the holes of the cap as close as your front hairline using the hook. For best results you should make sure to do it at an angle of about.
* To create subtle highlights that blend into blend in, simply remove a small portion of hair. Don’t let the hook to penetrate your hair. For striking highlights make large sections of hair deeper into your.
* Continue to pull out the desired amount of hair strands.
* Once all the hair has been pulled through the cap using your gloves to protect yourself, prepare the highlighting mixture.
* Coat all the pulled out sections thoroughly and apply your fingers in a lathering motion to be sure no hairs are missed.
* Set timer for the specified processing time.
* When the timer is over, take off the cap and rinse your hair well. Do not shampoo your hair while the cuticle remains open. Your highlights may be prematurely re


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