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Tans without Sunlesss from SunLab

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The ability to get a tan while sitting in the Sun is a benefit that SunLab products can offer to all of its customers. A lot of people around the world would like to have a tanned complexion. The only way to attain a tanned appearance was to lie in the sun for long periods of time. The result was skin becoming darker. However, this method was rife by problems and a myriad of complaints and reports of skin-related ailments popping up across the globe. The damaging UV rays of the Sun were the cause of skin cancers.
Many manufacturers of body care products tried to find alternatives after the connection was established between the harmful rays of sunlight and skin cancer. They explored the possibility of achieving an even tan using a cream or lotion to the skin or spraying aerosol solutions over the skin. Based on this idea and extensive study, SunLab came up with the method of getting a sunless tan.
Sunless tanning is the application of harmless chemicals, like creams, aerosols, sprays or lotions on the skin to create an even tanning. This tan can be compared to one obtained while sun-bathing. This method is rapidly becoming a trending method in contrast from artificial tanning beds or systems.
The concept of a harmless spraying liquid to get the tan is a popular one among both sexes. The regulatory bodies have verified that this product is safe for the skin and does not cause any adverse effects.
How does the SunLab Tanning Solution function?
The liquids that are applied to the body are actually chemical substances that come in the form of sprays or lotions. When these chemicals come in contact with skin, they actually induce a chemical process. This is due to the amino acids present in the skin react with DHA Dihydroxyacetone. This chemical reaction causes the slow browning of the skin, leaving an appearance of dark or tanned. This is the best thing about applying the product. The tan fades in a matter of days.
SunLabs Tanning Solutions
There are various types of solutions available, based on the darkness of the skin that one might prefer to attain. These lotions can be applied with a hand and can produce various effects.
SunLab’s Sun Giesee solution is designed to provide natural tans that are in line with the benefits mentioned previously. One can have airbrush tan or an ultra dark tan. They are available in various types of bottles including micro and some with clear sprays as well as different fragrant bottles.
There are some risk factors
These liquids can be used to achieve an amazing tan, however many of them do not contain sunscreen. The risk of UV rays persists. Second, 脫毛 – https://www.evrbeauty.com/ the liquid does not dry immediately after application to the skin, and the risk of stains on clothing is always present.


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